Fantastic Workday!

The garden had our first workday of the year to get in some early spring cleaning and start preparing our beds for planting. 


It was a very good day with lovely weather, not to cool and not too breezy, and we got so much done, the garden looks like a different place!

We cleared out weeds and garden waste, cleared beds of last year’s old plants, chopped and turned our compost, repaired the fences where needed, and spruced up our communications sign.






While the workdays to pull the weeds and make repairs and hoe and rake and haul trash can be tiring, it’s an important part of our community garden. 

It brings us all together when during the year we may not see each other much with all our varying schedules.  We  have a chance to chat and share while we work and helps remind us that we are all in this together, to make our garden beautiful.


I also noticed how much the passersby enjoyed seeing us all there.  We got many smiles and waves, and people stopped to talk to us about gardening and sharing their stories of gardening.  We were definitely out in the community, being a part of it, and that is what our garden is all about!






It looks rather bare now since we’ve still got some months before production, but it’s already looking like a great season in the garden.




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