We have space available in our garden for the 2012 season.

We are looking for active gardeners to join our community and grow and share with us.

We are located on Pike’s Peak, near 29th street (right next to Spurs and Lace bed and breakfast) and all plots are 12ft x 13ft and mostly protected from deer and other uninvited guest with fencing and friendly neighbors. We have a shared compost pile, herb bed and a community beehive. Water is provided through a cistern on site and watering cans and buckets are available for use. Additional resources are shared through the garden as funds allow, such as seeds, transplants, organic fertilizers and soil amendment.

There is a $25 deposit for joining which is returned when you leave (provided your plot is cleaned and ready for the next occupant) and a $45 yearly plot fee. Half plots are also available. You can also buy into the honey share with our beehive for $20, though honey production is limited by weather and hive production, but we’ll always have pollinators.

Please contact us at or 719-428-5928 for more information.


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